Data pricing


National meteorological services of ECMWF Member and Co-operating States and their authorised users are granted full access to ECMWF products and services via their computing representative.

All other users can gain access to ECMWF forecast products under a specific licence.

Except where explicitly stated, this tariff refers only to the information component of the total price of our Standard commercial licence (Real-time data). Handling and delivery costs will be added, where applicable.

Real-time licences

Real-time pricing can be calculated using the ECMWF Product Requirements Catalogue. This Beta tool will be undergoing some development over the next few months. Once you're happy with your cost, please download the PDF quote and submit it to ECMWF ( or any of the Catalogue Contact Points

All real-time licences have: 

  • 24/7 real-time support
  • Tailored real-time forecast products
  • Office hours support and access to relevant documentation 
  • Delivery of real-time data by FTP over the internet (options include: FTP, SFTP, Amazon AWS S3, Azure Blob and Google Cloud Platform)

Commercial licences for Service Providers and Broadcasters

Standard commercial licence

Standard commercial licences provide a fixed dataset at a fixed cost. You can make up to four amendments per year where the cost of additional or reduced data will be calculated pro rata. There will be no cost for the first four changes. Each subsequent change to your data requirements costs 1,000 EUR.

Reduced fees for small businesses

Small businesses and new customers may be eligible for a small business discount. The discount is at the Licensor discretion and your Licensor may request proof of income or proof of incorporation before applying the discount. 

The annual fees for the provision of ECMWF real-time data to small businesses are set to:

Condition to be fulfilled Reduced annual fee
New customer and T < 3 X

For the first two years: X/6 or
maximum information charge, whichever the lowest

T < 3 X

X/3 or
maximum information charge, whichever the lowest

3 X < T < 9 X

T/9 or
maximum information charge, whichever the lowest

9 X < T

X or
maximum information charge, whichever the lowest


X = unreduced annual information charge calculated on the base of the cost per EPU
T = annual turnover (income) in Euros (€) of the licensee's company (calendar or financial year)

The reduction does not apply to the Maximum Charge Licence, the Web Products licence, or to other ECMWF charges. In the case of ECMWF delivery, the ECMWF handling charges will be calculated as 20% of X or 20% of the maximum information charge, whichever the lowest.

Maximum charge licence 

A maximum charge of 140,000 EUR per year will be applied, except where data from the 'High Frequency Products' has been requested, where the maximum charge will be 148,000 EUR per year. 

A maximum charge licence includes: 

  • Up to 100GB per day of data from the Real-time catalogue
  • Two months set-up phase with unlimited changes to your schedule and 12 changes per year thereafter
  • Manage your own real-time data transmission with ECPDS
  • Manage your own real-time data requirements with PREd
  • 24/7 Direct Access to the ECMWF MARS Archive (single account), with office hours support and documentation
  • Access to our charts and online tools (ecCharts) to create your own customised charts
Volume limit for maximum charge customers

Maximum charge and Full NMHS Licensees may receive up to 100GB per day without any additional charges. Appropriate handling charges apply if the Licensee regularly exceeds the 100GB limit. All daily fields contribute to this 100GB volume limit, including the High Frequency Products. Seasonal and ENS-extended data does not apply to the volume limit. 

A single licence can receive up to 600GB per day in volume, with each additional 10GB over 100GB/day costing 2,000 EUR (per year).  For example, annual volume charges to receive 500GB/day extra data would be 100,000 EUR. 

Volume charges are calculated quarterly in arrears and users can request a summary of their current applicable volume at any time by contacting Data Services ( or your Licensor.

Delivery services for Standard, Maximum Charge & Non-commercial Licences

For data delivered by ECMWF, licence holders are entitled to a set number of ECPDS destinations as part of the Handling Charges.  Additional ECPDS destinations (up to 10 ECPDS destinations in total) can be purchased by contacting your Licensor to add this to your contract. 

  Max Charge & Full NMHS Non-commercial Standard Commercial Standard NMHS Non-Commercial Research*
Included in Handling Charges 1 1 1
Each additional configurable ECPDS destination

14,000 EUR

14,800 EUR if including HFP

100% of contractual Handling Charge per additional destination


100% of contractual Handling Charge per additional destination


100% of contractual Handling Charge per additional destination


Each additional Alias ECPDS destination

7,000 EUR

or 7,400 EUR if including HFP

50% of contractual Handling Charges per Alias  


50% of contractual Handling Charges per Alias 


50% of contractual Handling Charges per Alias 


* fees may be waived at ECMWF discretion

Commercial Web Products Licence for End User (ecCharts)

The ECMWF's web products are available as a whole on an "as is" basis at a price of 6,000 EUR per year for all commercial users. For users paying the maximum charge the access to the web products is included.

Non-commercial licences for WMO Members

For the NHMS licences , National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHS) who are a member of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) but are outside the ECMWF Member and Co-operating States. Licensees can use the forecast products to fulfill national governmental obligations related to the protection of life and property, or for Research Projects and Educational Use, provided that any such activity is carried out strictly on a non-commercial basis.

NMHS Standard Non-commercial Licence

A Standard Non-Commercial licence provides access to a fixed dataset for a fixed cost, which is calculated as 10% of the full Information Cost + 100% of the applicable Handling Charges. 

The one-off set-up fee is waived for the Standard Non-Commercial Licences.

NMHS Full Non-commercial Licence

A Full NMHS Non-commercial Licence is the equivalent of a Maximum Charge Licence (described above) but at a reduced cost.

The cost of the licence without High Frequency Products is 14,000 EUR per year + 28,000 EUR Handling Charges.  To add High Frequency Products, the cost is 14,800 EUR per year + 29,600 EUR Handling Charges. 

Volume charges still apply to NMHS Non-Commercial Licences. 

Tariffs of Web Products (ecCharts)

For NMHS of WMO Countries, the licence is 1,000 EUR per year.

Research Licences

Research licences are available for time-limited research projects, which fit with the following definition: 

"Any project organised for non-commercial research purposes only. A necessary condition for the recognition of non-commercial purposes is that all the results obtained are openly available at delivery costs only, without any delay linked to commercial objectives, and that the research itself is submitted for open publication." 

The licence is subject to approval and, if accepted, the Information Cost will be set to zero EUR. Any handling and delivery costs will be charged to the Licensee, which may be waived at the discretion of ECMWF.

Satellite Data Provider Licences

For the satellite data providers licence, space agencies and other satellite data producers in exchange for satellite observations. Licensees can use forecast products for satellite data processing only. 

UN Agency Licences

Subject to approval by management, UN Agencies can request access to ECMWF real-time Products as part of their wider mission, provided that this is not general public service provision or for commercial use.

Archive licences

Our Meteorological Archival and Retrieval System (MARS) enables you to list and retrieve meteorological data in GRIB/NetCDF format. 

Access to MARS by external users for commercial or research use is via the Web API service (supported Python client software), and supported by web interfaces where you can explore the parts of the archive available to you and get the MARS request syntax/scripts to download data on ECMWF computers or via the web API. 

Members and licence holders can also check availability of the data and estimate the download size.

Access to the MARS Archive is subject to Handling Charges to be determined by the Licensor. For ECMWF, access for commercial users costs 5,000 GBP per year. 

The fee may be waived at ECMWF discretion for researchers wishing to access the archive for research purposes. 

Example costs

This section outlines some basic example costs calculated using the ECMWF Product Requirements Catalogue.  Please visit the catalogue to price your own data requirements. 

Example Dataset Information Cost

Set I, HRES 10-day Forecast

Grid: 0.1

Forecast time-steps: 0 to 144 by 3, 150 to 240 by 6

Area: Europe (73.5N/27W/33N/45E)

Forecast runs: 00 / 12 

Parameters: 10U/10V/100U/100V/MSL/SP  

€51,255.88 per year  


Set I, HRES Analysis

Grid: 0.1

Area: Europe (73.5N/27W/33N/45E)

Forecast runs: 00 / 06 / 12 / 18

Parameters: 10U/10V/100U/100V/MSL/SP

€3,673.02 per year 


Set I, HRES 10-day Forecast

Grid: 0.1

Forecast time-steps: 0 to 144 by 3, 150 to 240 by 6

Area: Europe (73.5N/27W/33N/45E)

Forecast runs: 00 / 12 


€118,486.25 per year


Set III, ENS 15-day Forecast

Grid: 0.2

Forecast time-steps: 0 to 144 by 3, 150 to 360 by 6

Area: Europe (73.5N/27W/33N/45E)

Forecast runs: 00 / 06

Parameters: CAPE/ MX2T3 / MN2T3/ TP/ TPRATE

€32,208.70 per year